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What is a healthy diet?

After years of dieting, some people have forgotten how to eat a normal, healthy diet and often lose the ability to understand their hunger and fullness signals. It is a good idea to practice healthy eating habits before you have your surgery and understand the barriers you may have in keeping yourself on track once your surgery has been performed - such barriers to mindful eating include emotional eating; family/friend sabotage or lack of preparation. It is important to discuss these with your dietitian. The idea is to work towards a well placed balanced dietary intake which includes foods from all food groups.

Include all of the 5 Core Food Groups each day. These are:

Once the surgery has been performed the types of foods you choose from each food group WILL change – focus on what you CAN have. Be guided by fullness not meal plans or previous intake.

  1. Breads and cereals – pasta, rice, cereal, legumes, breads and crackers
  2. Low fat Dairy – milk, yoghurt, cheese
  3. Vegetables – salad and vegetables
  4. Fruit – fresh fruit, dried fruit, canned fruit and fruit juice
  5. Meat & meat alternatives – meat, poultry, fish, canned tuna, nuts, legumes and tofu

Also remember to stay hydrated – aim to have at least 1.5-2L of low energy fluids each day (including diet jelly, diet cordial and clear soups)

Lifestyle Guidelines

Restrictive Surgeries such as the Lap-Band® system and sleeve gastectomy are effective in:

  1. Reducing the volume of food that you can eat in one sitting
  2. Reducing hunger and making you feel fuller for longer

By following your teams lifestyle guidelines you will be able to eat a normalised healthy diet, however it is important to know that for some, you may not be able to tolerate breads, dry meats and some red meats.

evolvmeBefore surgery Mr Leong will ask you to see the evolvme team, you will have a choice of a group (Small 6-8) or individual consult to discuss dietary restrictions and expectations.

At your first consult you will learn about what to expect from having the surgery so please bring YOUR questions!

One of the KEY points that you will need to understand is that you will only be able to tolerate very small portion sizes of about ½ cup to 1 cup, or the size of a bread and butter plate per meal. You may find some foods a little tricky, including soft white breads, skins/husks on fruit and vegetables, rice and dry meats. However, if you follow the guidelines and eat slowly and work closely with your dietitian you will be sure to tolerate a wide variety of good quality foods in small amounts. Eating slowly and chewing your food well is the key to your success . Plan ahead and make time to prepare good quality meals and try to eat slowly. Savour what you can eat and don't think of what you cant have!

Diet before and immediately after Surgery

Stage 1

For 2 weeks prior to your surgery, you will be encouraged to commence a meal replacement (Optifast®). The idea for this is to reduce the size of your liver. This helps to reduce the risk of complications during the surgery. Your dietitian will explain this diet to you in your pre-operative dietary session. You will be taken through dietary and lifestyle expectations in preparation for and once you have had the surgery. At this session you will be provided dietary trouble shooting guides and recipes to suit each dietary stage.

Stage 2 - Surgery

evolvmeIn hospital, you will be seen by a dietitian who will be available discuss hospital care, clear fluid diet and assist you with your questions. These Dietitians will also explain your dietary needs immediately post operative and provide additional support as needed. Basically, you will need to commence a low fat high protein fluid diet post surgery, this is to reduce the swelling. You will then slowly introduce new foods until you reach an “normalised diet”, this process will be guided by the  evolvMe team once you are out of hospital who you will see in 4-6 weeks after your band placement. Once out of hospital you are not alone, if you need a diet related question answered please email evolvme at info@evolvme.com.au for support by your dietitian, exercised physiologist and/or  counsellor.

Stage 3 and onwards

evolvmeAt  week 4-6 you will be asked to attend your POST–OPERATIVE group or  one on one  lifestyle consult with the Evolvme team where you will be guided through your longer-term expectations. There is NO miracle diet or wellness plan, just simple and personalised strategies that can be adapted into your  lifestyle needs.  From your post op visit the follow-up is 6 monthly for the first year and yearly thereafter HOWEVER we are here WHEN YOU NEED!.

evolvmeThe Evolvme Team

Pennie Taylor BHlthSc, MNutDiet APD
Senior Consultant Dietitian

Pennie has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years as a health coach, personal trainer and a clinical dietitian within the private sector. More recently Pennie established a private practice in 2006 specialising weight-loss surgery outcomes and diabetes care.

Also working part time as a senior research dietitian with CSIRO Food and Nutritional Science,  Pennies role is to liaise with senior scientists to develop and deliver designer diets, analyse dietary data and prepare scientific and commercial publications. Pennie has a strong interest in dietary patterns associated with weight-loss surgery and the impact of surgery on dietary tolerance and long term health outcomes. Pennie also a co-author of the CSIRO and Baker IDI Diabetes Diet and Lifestyle Plan in which her role was write several dietary chapters and to prepare dietary meal plans through rigorous assessment of recipes and literature.

Pennie embraces dietary challenges and works with you to develop new self management skills to enhance weight-loss sustainability – after all if the tools for weight loss don't suit your lifestyle your weight loss is less likely to be sustainable!.

Cathy Whiteley BHlthSC, DipNg, MNutDiet APD
Consultant Dietitian (casual dietitian)

Cathy graduated from Flinders University as a Bachelor of Health Science and went on to do a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics. Cathy brings with her a broad range of skills that have been gained through her nutrition education and nursing background of over 15 years in an acute care setting. These skills encompass specialty areas such as chronic fatigue, community health, diabetes, heart disease and renal dialysis and weight loss surgery nutrition. Cathy is passionate about all aspects of health and enjoys individual nutrition counselling and group education in the community. She has a special interest in weight management, eating behaviours, diabetes and prevention, and strongly believes in an individual approach to the complex reasons for weight gain. Cathy enjoys motivating individuals to achieve a healthy weight and ongoing wellness.

Danielle Klose BND (Hons) APD
Consultant Dietitian  ( Currently on Maternity Leave)

Danielle graduated from Flinders University as a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics with Honours.

She continues her active involvement with the Dietitians Association Australia both as a member and as a helper in coordinating state-based events, particularly the S.A. Bariatric Road Show. Danielle's passion with health is now being realised through her involvement in nutritional research with CSIRO. She has a strong interest in supporting individuals towards improved health and happiness as they embark on their personal weight loss journey. Danielle strives to provide optimal nutritional care for each and every patient in a professional, approachable and friendly manner. She particularly enjoys the interaction of one-to-one consultations, dietary management for pregnancy and weight loss surgery. Danielle and also finds group sessions dynamic and rewarding to facilitate.

Renee Wilks BND APD
Consultant Dietitian Newest recruit

Coming soon

Ross Gray BAppSc (Human Movement) AEP ESSAM
Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Coming soon

Donna Mitchell QMACA
Counsellor and Support group facilitator specialising in weight-loss surgery support pre and post surgery


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